Ajla Sjenarevic

I was born in Sarajevo on August 29, 1985. Since I can remember, I've felt a fascination with colors, shapes, and various painting techniques. I often indulged in drawing and painting. My mother noticed my creative abilities very early on and never held them back; on the contrary, she encouraged me to fully immerse myself in my artistic world.

My first experience with painting was with the painter Muhamed Cejf before enrolling in high school. He prepared me for admission to the Applied Arts High School in Sarajevo. During high school, I was influenced by my teacher, painter Nadja Haljevac. It was my first step into the world of art and where I encountered the works of Gerhard Richter for the first time. His abstract works awakened a strong sense of freedom in me in manipulating space, shapes, and colors, as well as the ability to convey intense emotions onto canvas. Then I discovered Jackson Pollock, an artist whose work shaped me and inspired me to change in order to evolve. It was my first encounter with the drip technique, the freedom of using color not just with a brush but also with hands and fingers, conveying emotions onto the canvas. Sigmar Polke is next on the list of artists who shaped me. Through his works, I began to use shapes as templates and spray, familiarized myself with combining materials on canvas and collage. Each of these artists contributed to my artistic journey and shaped me into the artist I am today, one who is constantly developing and evolving. I want my art to convey the expression of positivity and creativity.

I want people to feel the freedom and all the possibilities that life holds. I want my paintings to breathe strength and hope, to be a source of inspiration. In my creativity lies the desire to illuminate dark places, to bring joy, and to encourage people to believe in their own strength and inner beauty. During my time at the Academy, the focus was on Bauhaus and product design, which I studied, as well as form and function in creation, where Vasilij Kandinski was particularly interesting to me. After graduating from the Academy, I started a career in graphic design and dedicated myself to that profession for seven years. During that period, painting was rare because I simply didn't have enough time. However, everything changed when I had twins and moved to Belgrade. I decided to fully dedicate myself to them, so I temporarily stepped away from professional work. Few years after I decided to return to my passion - painting. I started painting again and expressing myself through colors and forms. In the meantime, I had another daughter, which further enriched my life and inspired me to continue creating art. Painting has become not only a way of expression but also a valuable part of my life that fulfills me and brings me joy.
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